Augbiz has been mapping solutions for industries that precisely address the problem statement of businesses like you. How we do it? It’s simple; we identify the use-cases, and our consultant’s handhold you through onboarding the supply as per your requirements.

What we offer

Augbiz has been working relentlessly with industry leaders to identify several use-cases, ranging from Pennydrop services to KYC. Here’s an excerpt of our use cases.

Video demo request to help you find reliable resources.
Audit and taxation.
Ops capacity services.
Cloud telephony and SMS services.
Database Security and many more..

Swift and Easy Hunt For the Right Finance Services with Augbiz


Augbiz, as an intermediary, bridges the gap between your requirement and a fitting vendor. Our workflow is simple as it takes away the hassle of having to sit through assessments yourself.

Tech-driven consultants and agencies to help you find exemplary solutions and service for your organization.
Vetted vendors to help you choose faster.
Several use-cases to browse from.